Web based asthma information: Accessibility, use and appropriateness


The project explores internet usage for obtaining information on asthma in target populations.


Dr Bandana Saini

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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A high prevalence of asthma in Australia necessitates provision of accurate information to those with the condition and their carers. This project will explore how people with asthma and their carers access and use the web for obtaining relevant information, and how this information is used to shape day to day decisions about managing asthma.

The results of the project will serve as a valuable tool for designing and implementing web based public health messages designed for population and individual health care intervention use.

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Funding for this project will be sought this year.

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Asthma, asthma medications, asthma care, asthma resources, exploratory, internet use, e-health, web based technologies, Cardiovascular & respiratory diseases, Counselling & patient support, Health & lifestyle, Professional practice, Respiration

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