Preventing Netball Injuries in Young Netballers


This project will run a prognostic study looking for predictors of ankle and knee injuries in young netballers.


Dr Claire Hiller, Dr Milena Simic

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Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group

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Ankle and knee injuries are common problems for netball players and the initial injury often occurs at a young age. For many players problems persist long after the original injury requiring regular taping or the use of ankle guards and may even lead to young players abandoning the sport.  This study will look specifically at this younger age group to look at the possible causes of the initial injury and ongoing problems once injured to better understand the injury repercussions such as activity limitations and quality of life.  A better understanding of the mechanisms for ankle instability in netballers will allow the implementation of more targeted interventions and continued participation in the sport.

We are looking for predictors of injury and will conduct pre-season assessments on young netballers to determine if any of the following may be predictive of injury during the season.  Balance tests, lower limb biomechanics on a functional activity, lower limb hypermobility, perceived ankle instability, body weight and mechanical instability of the knee or ankle.  These tests will also be looked at in relation to prior injuries and those that occur throughout the study period.

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injury predictors, knee, ankle injuries

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