Obesity and Risk of Overheating during Physical Activity in the Heat


This project provides a post-graduate research opportunity to work on a project assessing the independent role of body fat on thermoregulatory capacity. 


Associate Professor Ollie Jay, Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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A post-graduate student (PhD or Masters) is sought to work on a project that will examine potential impairments in thermoregulatory control on obese individuals and the subsequent risk of developing heat-related health problems during physical activity in the heat. This ultimate aim of this work is to develop potential interventions that simultaneously encourage physical activity in a sedentary population while minimizing the risk of overheating. This work will potentially form part of a larger project re-evaluating public health guidance issued during hot weather. The project will be conducted in association with collaborators at the University of Sydney, and possibly the United States and/or Canada. The candidate's research will involve laboratory-based data collection using simulated thermal environments in the state-of-the-art climatic chamber situated at Cumberland campus.

Additional Information

This opportunity is open for application to highly motivated students looking to complete a post-graduate degree, with an interest and passion for exercise physiology. Professional conduct, personal organization, communication, written skill, a good basic knowledge of physiology and punctuality will be important.
Funding in the form of a scholarship may be available.

The successful applicant(s) will be based both at The Cumberland Campus under the supervision of Dr. Ollie Jay and A/Prof. Corinne Caillaud.

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thermoregulation, heat stress, sweating, hydration, adiposity, physical activity

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