Determining Value and Impact of the CPC through stakeholder analysis


The Charles Perkin Centre (CPC) officially launched in 2014 is the central hub and flagship of Sydney University to provide collaboration for interdisciplinary research amongst various faculty scholars and scientists, including external universities and organisations. An important part of this collaboration is also engaging with stakeholders from the industry (e.g. clinical settings, medical exptersise) – for instance, the CPC boasts the X Lab for world class teaching and also its clinical wing for treatment of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Data from the clinic is fed to the research wing of the CPC, which contributes to the theoretical and practical knowhow for the CPC. In this project, the research candidate will be building a theoretical framework or model for understanding how industry stakeholder collaborations through, with and within the CPC create value and impact. Some theoretical questions guiding this project are: 1. How does one define organizational value and performance, particularly in the context of the CPC? 2. What aspects or determinants of stakeholder engagement impact value and performance of the CPC? 3. How does one inform the design of organizations and structure of stakeholder engagement in order to optimize organizational impact and value? Theories useful for informing this framework will include stakeholder theory, social network theories, social influence theories and so on. Students with competencies in statistical modelling, social science & organisational theory are encouraged to apply. Top-up scholarship opportunities are available also for excellent candidates.


Dr Kenneth Chung

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Civil Engineering

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Students with competencies in statistical modelling, social science, some computer programming, project management theories, stakeholder theory & organisational theory are encouraged to apply. Top-up scholarship opportunities are available also for excellent candidates.  

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Social network analysis, weak ties, structural holes, organisational value, individual performance, organisational performance, stakeholder analysis, project performance, organisational design

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