Detecting Evolution of Learning Artefacts


When teams collaborate, there are certain generic artefacts (documents, figures, videos, code) that evolve over time. Can this evolution be captured and characterised?


Dr Abelardo Pardo

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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A learning artefact is a resource (document, HTML page, video, audio-clip, program, study, etc.) created by a student over a period of time longer than a session. The artifact is created in a first session (always in electronic format) and then iteratively refined following certain criteria or guidelines. The project proposes to observe this process through analytics and detect evolutionary patterns. There are some previous projects done in the context of written documents using Google Docs (see reference). The challenge in this project is to connect the information collected in a collaborative environment with a good model of artefacts evolving over time.

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Essential expertise:

  • Proficiency in a programming language (Java and Python preferred)
  • Proficiency in web application development (Django preferred)
  • Outstanding communication skills (no, seriously!)
Desirable expertise:
  • Experience in Educational psychology
  • Experience in Data visualization

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Collaborative learning, behavioural analysis, learning analytics, data analysis

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