Influencing anti-inflammatory functions of monocytes by targeting the haemoglobin scavenger receptor CD163: possible role in the development of diabetes complications


This project addresses the problem of how causes of diabetes complications, specifically the effect of diabetes on the regulation of one of these anti-inflammatory cell surface proteins, CD163, as well as the relationship between these changes and the development of diabetes complications.


Dr Danqing Min, Dr Susan McLennan, Professor Stephen Twigg

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Camperdown - Central Clinical School

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There is considerable evidence to show that macrophage accumulation in tissue is a pathogenic feature of diabetes complications. However few studies have investigated the effects of diabetes on monocytes, the precursor cell of macrophages. Our studies in diabetic subjects have provided novel data that diabetes can affect monocyte phenotype and moreover this change is related to the presence of diabetes complications. These novel findings of differing relationships between monocyte profiles in particular the anti-inflammatory CD163+ monocytes and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) underpin this project. How these changes are associated with the development of diabetes complications in particular the effect of diabetes on monocyte phonotype and the regulation of MMPs and CD163 will be studied in detail. This study will allow us to improve and extend our knowledge of the causes of diabetes complications and may provide potential new treatment strategies to benefit patients in the future.

Additional Information

This project will use a variety of techniques including molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, pathology and immunology. Both in vivo and in vitro study models used in this project are well-established in our laboratory.

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diabetes, inflammation, Monocyte/macrophage, extracellular matrix, Cell biology

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