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The Writing Hub is the first of its kind in Australia. Modeled on writing centres in the United States and Europe, we engage with Classical and New Rhetoric as a way of developing writing, critical thinking and professional communication abilities. We focus on composition, argumentation and cross-cultural communication across print and digital media, adapting rhetorical concepts for the Australian context. This assists us in equipping students for the modern work environment, where specialist knowledge needs to be complemented with both a continual capacity to learn and broad cross-disciplinary knowledge.

To further this end, our academic staff engage with the latest research in writing studies and rhetorical theory. Our staff are involved in numerous research projects, using their specialist fields to contextualise their approach to rhetoric and further their understanding of writing across the disciplines.


Dr Frances Di Lauro, Dr Louise Katz, Dr Benjamin Miller, Dr Bronwen Dyson, Associate Professor Susan Thomas

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rhetoric, writing, critical thinking, communication, professional communication, argumentation, cross-cultural, rhetorical, writing studies, Composition, Media

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