Understanding mechanisms of action of novel CNS molecules in neurological disorders


Projects involve understanding mechanisms of action of novel CNS molecules in biology


Professor Mary Collins

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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The Ion Channel Research Unit is located at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. Research is interdisciplinary and built around key themes of neuropharmacology, structure-function studies and animal models of disease in order to understand the mechanisms behind how drugs interact with their target and how this translates to improving disease outcomes. 

Specifically we have novel agents that exhibit effects in anxiety, epilepsy and stroke and the purpose of the projects is to extend our understanding of their mechanisms of action. 

Specifically there are opportunities for exciting and challenging PhD projects in:

1. Ion  channels, cannabinoids and their potential mechanisms in epilepsy and anxiety 
2. Targeting ion channels in promoting motor recovery from stroke
3. Targeting ion channels for neuroprotection after stroke

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Additional Information

PhD stipend or top-up scholarship may be available to suitable candidates.Please enquire.
Techniques used:

  •  In vitro binding
  • Cell based functional assays
  • Animal models of disease
  • Molecular biology
  • Immunohistochemistry

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Structure-activity relationships, neuropharmacology, Receptor biology Epilepsy, Anxiety disorders, Stroke, mental health

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