Levee formation in debris flows and avalanches


Levees are a feature of many gravity current flows, yet their formation is not fully understood. This project will track their formation in laboratory scale experiments, and develop numerical tools to describe their influence on the flow rheology.


Dr Benjy Marks

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Civil Engineering

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This project will investigate how levees form during emplacement of granular avalanches and debris flows. Experimentally, scale models will be created under laboratory conditions, which can be examined by dynamic X-ray radiography. This information will be used to construct and validate a complementary numerical model. The numerical model will then be used to extend the insights gained from laboratory scale experiments to address large scale problems and compare with field data.

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Granular Flow, Granular Mechanics, Geomechanics, Dynamic X-ray, X-ray tomography, Segregation, Geophysical flows, Gravity currents, Debris flows, avalanches, landslides

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2055

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