Passenger health, well-being and performance after long-haul flight: Influence of physical fitness


Most of the current recommendations to improve wellbeing and limit long-haul flight disturbances are based on pharmacological aids that target isolated aspects of the travel experience (e.g. sleep only).  No previous research has investigated in a systematic way lifestyle measures that can be taken to alleviate the circadian rhythm deregulation and other physical adverse consequences of long haul flights.  This research aims at improving passengers’ wellbeing and experience during and following long-haul flight, in order to maximise recovery of body functions as soon as possible following air travel.


Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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Air travel is a highly used mode of transportation nowadays with commercial flights transporting each year more passengers around the world.  A long haul flight can be a physically challenging experience for passengers.  This experience is affected by the flight duration, the cabin environment, sleep deprivation or deregulation of sleep patterns and existing health status. It is known that passengers can feel uncomfortable not only during such a flight but for a number of days upon arrival.  This project aims to understand better how lifestyle intervention can improve passenger well-being during the flight and physical and cognitive function after the travel.

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This project will use methods such as questionnaires, activity tracking sensors, cognitive and physical function tests. Ideally students would have a background in any of the following: exercise & sport sciences, nutrition & dietetics, health sciences. Primary research location will be in Charles Perkins Centre.

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Activity trackers, questionnaires, cognitive function, physical tests

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