Development of efficient algorithms to manipulate genomic regions


The aim of this project is to develop novel and efficient database algorithms to process genomic data.


Dr Matloob Khushi

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Westmead - Childrens Medical Research Institute

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Genomic regions consist of three essential fields: chromosome number, start position, and end position, in addition to a number of optional fields. Certain genomic data such as transcription factor binding sites and epigenetic marks are represented as genomic regions. Identifying overlapping and nearby genomic regions is a major objective of genomic studies, but existing methods to archive a large number of datasets in a personalised database lack sophistication and utility. Relational database management systems (RDBMS) provide an easy SQL interface to query data and therefore perform well when searching for and retrieving specific information in a database, however, their performance is very poor when they are used to natively perform arithmetic operations on large datasets.

The aim of the project is to benchmark the performance of various SQL and NoSQL databases, and to develop novel efficient algorithms to perform arithmetic operations on genomic regions natively.

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databases, SQL, NoSQL, RDBMS

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