What is the association between musculoskeletal conditions and cardio metabolic disease in the Australian population?


This research project aims to investigate the association between musculoskeletal conditions and cardio metabolic diseases and its relationship with physical activity participation.  To reach the proposed aim, a series of studies of different research methodologies, such as systematic review, cross-sectional, longitudinal, will be conducted.


Dr Claire Hiller, Dr Alison Harmer, Dr Paula Beckenkamp

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Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group

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Cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders are prevalent worldwide.  Many studies have demonstrated that people with spinal and lower limb musculoskeletal injuries tend to present with decreased levels of physical activity participation due to persisting limitation years following the initial injury.  Life style behaviours, such as insufficient physical activity participation and increased sitting time have been associated with the development cardio-metabolic conditions.  Therefore, people with previous musculoskeletal injury may be at an increased risk of developing cardio-metabolic disorders in the future.  Likewise, people with cardio-metabolic disorders that present insufficient levels of physical activity and/or increased sitting time may be at an increased risk of developing chronic musculoskeletal disorders.  This research project aims to examine the link between these two common conditions to identify potential prevention strategies and reduce the burden of cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders.

Additional Information

  • Use of research technique / methodology / technology: this project will include studies that will use different research methodologies, for instance: a systematic review (meta-analysis), a cross-sectional cohort and a prospective cohort study.
  • Potential topics of interest for the research opportunity: Musculoskeletal and cardio-metabolic disorders, physical activity participation and sitting time.

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Cardio-metabolic conditions, cardio-vascular conditions, non-communicable diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, low back pain, osteoarthritis, physical activity, sitting time, leisure activity

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