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Sydney College of the Arts is dedicated to providing established artists the opportunity to undertake advanced and original research. SCA offers two research degrees in contemporary art: the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 


Dr Julie Rrap, Ms Robyn Backen, Dr Stuart Bailey, Ms Rebecca Beardmore, Dr Michael Doolan, Dr Karin Findeis, Dr Jane Gavan, Dr Adam Geczy, Ms Jan Guy, Mr David Haines, Ms Joyce Hinterding, Mr Andrew Lavery, Mr Oliver Smith, Dr Anna Broinowski, Dr Madeleine Kelly, Dr Alex Gawronski, Mr John Tonkin, Dr Sanné Mestrom, Dr Stefan Popescu

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Sydney College of the Arts

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Contemporary Art research at SCA provides artists the opportunity to develop a specific area of interest into a substantial body of work, and to articulate their practice within a broader art historical, theoretical and philosophical context. Through sustained, rigorous investigation, artists undertaking a research degree make a significant contribution to our understanding of contemporary visual art.

A research degree requires in-depth study in a specialised area, supervised by a member of SCA's academic staff. This research takes the form of a major thesis. SCA offers two modes of research: a traditional written thesis, or a thesis comprising a substantial exhibition and a written thesis. 

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contemporary art, conceptual art, visual art, installation art, painting, performance, photomedia, photography, post-object art, sculpture, printmedia, screen art, video art, sound art, spatial practice, ceramics, hot glass

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2240