Muscle wasting and vitamin D


Muscle wasting and weakness are common, and associate with an increased risk of death. Therapies to improve muscle function are very limited, and understanding of the transcriptional control for myocyte development and function is limited.

This project will work with transcription factor vitamin D receptor and its role in myocyte and satellite cell (muscle stem cell) development.


Professor Jenny Gunton

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Westmead - Westmead Institute for Medical Research

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This project will involve opportunities to work with novel genetically modified mice, TRAP (translating ribosome affinity purification), RNA-sequencing, histology, muscle fibre typing and some human samples to study the role of vitamin D, its analogues and the vitamin D receptor in muscle function.

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muscle, myocyte, myopathy, sarcopaenia, sarcopenia, weakness, satellite cells, Vitamin D, Vitamin D Receptor, Transcription factors, RNA-sequencing, translating ribosome affinity purification

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2248

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