Methods and devices to improve cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy


Prof Keall's research team is part of Sydney Medical School-Central and is located at the Australian Technology Park. It is a multidisciplinary team of physicists, engineers, mathematicians and software developers that has strong links with clinicians/hospitals and industry. Students will be encouraged and supported to attend local and international conferences and to publish their work in high-impact journals.


Professor Paul Keall

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Sydney Medical School - Generic

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Our team undertakes a broad range of internationally significant research and development activities in cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy that span basic research through to clinical trials of new technology. Specific programs include the Australian MRI-Linac Program, cost-effective cancer radiotherapy (Nano-X), CT ventilation imaging, 4D cone beam CT imaging, kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring, multileaf collimator tracking and audiovisual biofeedback. HDR projects can be focused on theoretical development, computer simulations, experiments and/or clinical studies. Specific projects are reached by consensus after discussion, based on the student's background and preferences. The goal is to produce new science, innovation and clinical advances of publication quality.

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This opportunity is located at the Australian Technology Park, Redfern.

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Radiation oncology, Medical physics, Imaging, Radiotherapy, Image X Institute

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