Improving Service Quality in Community Pharmacy


This study aims to develop methods to reliably measure consumers' assessment of the quality of service provided by community pharmacies. Furthermore, we aim to use the survey to test the impact of interventions to improve consumers' perceptions of service quality and improved loyalty.


Dr Stephen Carter, Dr Carl Schneider

Research Location

Sydney Pharmacy School

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We know that pharmacy consumers who choose to visit one main pharmacy have better health outcomes than those who do not develop relationships with a single pharmacy. Our project uses the feedback provided by pharmacy customers when completing surveys to design ways in which pharmacy managers can improve the service provided to their clients. Through detailed analysis of small and large datasets we aim to provide managers with evidence-based guidance to help them select the most efficient way to improve loyalty.

Additional Information

Improving consumer loyalty should reduce medication-related burden and improve health outcomes. We use a range of quantitative methods, to analyse survey data and prescription dispensing records. We also conduct interviews in focus groups and online.

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Service quality, Community Pharmacy, pharmacy, Health Services, Consumer

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2298

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