Designing Adherence Interventions: pharmacists empowering patients through the use of an app linking real time mediation use with the pharmacy


This study is designed to understand how best to empower patients to be adherent to medicines using a smart-phone application. The app has the potential to link patients' actual medication use with medical practitioner prescription records and pharmacy dispensing records.


Dr Stephen Carter

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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We analyse the big data made available to help understand how patients use medicines and the factors which influence them to maintain their motivation and capacity to remain adherent. This knowledge is then used to inform patients (& carers) on how they can best make use of the app and how best to train medical practitioners and pharmacists on how to communicate with each other about adherence and electronic applications generally.

Additional Information

Adherence to medicines for chronic diseases is suboptimal and it is estimated that fewer than 50% of all prescribed medicines are actually consumed appropriately. There are an amazing array of smart-phone apps aimed at improving adherence. We have chosen to work with a company which owns a smart phone app with over 200,000 users, and a high proportion of pharmacies within Australia. The app use a range of strategies to remind users to use medicines and to motivate them to maintain often complicated regimens. We use a range of quantitative methods, to analyse actual real-time medication use, prescription records and dispensing records. We also conduct interviews in focus groups and online.

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adherence, pharmacist, Intervention, big data, prescription, app

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