Climate change and health


The Human Health and Social Impacts Node is hosted by The University of Sydney School of Public Health. The Node will inform adaptation programs that seek to protect and promote health, in the face of a changing climate. The Node is a partnership between the Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Health and The University of Sydney. Node researchers represent a wide range of disciplines including mental health, physiology, planning, environmental health and medical entomology. The Node also partners with Edge Environment Pty Ltd, which has researched and applied climate change adaptation for more than a decade, and with the 3 other Nodes of the Office of Environment and Heritage NSW Adaptation Research Hub - Adaptive Communities, Biodiversity and Coastal - to realise synergies and avoid duplication.

The research topic will depend on the student's expertise and research interests; however, it must align with the Node objectives:
(1) deliver robust, sector specific information targeting the health system, vulnerable communities and government agencies,
(2) establishing baselines for monitoring, evaluation and analysis of adaptation programs that seek to protect and promote health, and strengthen the delivery of health services, in the face of a changing climate,
(3) improving understanding of vulnerability in the context of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity, and
(4) providing practical information on building resilience in communities and in the health sector.


Dr Sinead Boylan

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Camperdown - School of Public Health

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This is valuable opportunity to work with this unique partnership and contribute to a better understanding of how climate change will impact our environment, communities and lifestyles in NSW so that we can prepare and adapt for the future.

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Other supervisors will be matched depending on students' expertise and research interests

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Climate Change, health, public health

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