Evidence based practice in speech pathology


Speech pathologists’ use of evidence based practice principles will be investigated with the aim of establishing ways to enable speech pathologists base their clinical decision making on the best evidence available.


Professor Leanne Togher

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Disability and Community Research Group

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Evidence based practice (EBP) poses challenges to clinicians and researchers. The quantum of information on the Internet results in clinicians being faced with the time consuming nature of doing searches, and then the daunting task of judging the methodological quality of papers (Vallino–Napoli & Reilly 2004). While the use of EBP is reportedly highly valued amongst speech pathologists, it is unclear to what extent EBP principles are used in everyday practice. This project will investigate how EBP is understood and used by clinicians, and will explore novel ways to introduce EBP into everyday clinical practice using existing and new systems. The project will also compare speech pathologists that use EBP approaches with those who do not, from the perspective of patient outcomes.

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Communication disorders, Evidence based practice, Speech pathology, Clinical decision making, Counselling & patient support, Professional practice

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