Geometric Networks in the Presence of Obstacles


This research project aims to discover properties of geometric networks in the presence of obstacles. These properties will be used to design improved geometric networks and facilitate efficient routing algorithms.


Dr Andre vanRenssen

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Computer Science

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 Geometric networks are networks where every node has a location associated with it. When two nodes are connected, they know each other’s location. These networks are quite well understood and most networks allow for modifications in order to enhance it, such as guaranteeing a certain maximum degree for each node, bounding the number of hops needed to reach any other node, or having efficient routing algorithms. However, when there are obstacles that block communication between nodes on opposite sides, far less is known about these networks. In this project, we aim to shed some light on these networks in the presence of obstacles in order to design networks that have additional good properties and/or allow for efficient routing algorithms.

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Geometric graph, obstacles, short paths, network design, Routing

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2438

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