Routing in Geometric Networks


This research project aims to compare a number of routing algorithms developed for geometric networks. Some of these algorithms come with theoretical guarantees, but we aim to see which performs best in practice.


Dr Andre vanRenssen

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Computer Science

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Geometric networks are networks where every node has a location associated with it. When two nodes are connected, they know each other’s location. These networks are quite well understood and a number of efficient routing algorithms have been developed for them. Some of these routing algorithms come with theoretical worst-case guarantees on the length of the routing path, but not all do. Hence, we aim to perform a comprehensive study comparing various routing algorithms in order to discover which performs best in practice and which types of geometric graphs the known routing algorithms have trouble with. The latter will also provide a starting point for the development of new routing algorithms specifically designed to handle these problematic situations.

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Geometric graph, Routing, short paths, network design, implementation

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