Motivation, Engagement and Individual Choice Pathways Network


Our network offers a coherent identity and collegial support structure for academics and research students who have affiliated interests in motivation, engagement and individual choice pathways informed by psychological lenses. A shared aim is research capacity-building among the group, including in advanced research methods.
Academics associated with the network conduct descriptive, longitudinal, intervention and mixed-methods research, to understand:

  • how to engage all learners in educational settings
  • influences on educational outcomes, life trajectories and occupational opportunities
  • what sustains individuals across their working lives.


Professor Helen Watt, Associate Professor Judy Anderson, Associate Professor Paul Ginns, Dr Minkang Kim, Dr Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick

Research Location

School of Education and Social Work

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Using methodological and disciplinary lenses.
We use psychological and learning sciences to study affective, cognitive and behavioural pathways of development across diverse settings and lifespan stages.

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youth educational and occupational pathways, student achievement and wellbeing, gendered motivations and outcomes, STEM participation and engagement, teacher motivation, attitudes, beliefs, identity and wellbeing, teacher self-efficacy and professional learning, leadership development and wellbeing

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