Examining the role of ABC transporter proteins in the development of Alzheimer’s disease


Cholesterol and other lipids have been shown to be related to the development of chronic disease including Alzheimer's disease. This project will study aspects of the cellular processes that regulate the activity of several ATP-binding cassette transporters, or ABC transporters, that transport lipids and other substrates out of cells. These transporters have been shown to be extensively regulated at the post-translational level, including phosphorylation and ubiquitination. Our lab has identified a number of E3-ubiquitin ligases that are important in the regulation of these transporters. We are currently building on this knowledge to further study these cellular processes in more detail.


Dr Ingrid Gelissen

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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Additional Supervisor(s): A/Prof Richard Callaghan, ANU Canberra

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Alzheimer’s disease; cholesterol; lipids; cell biology; oxysterols; post-translational processes; neurons; blood brain barrier endothelium

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 2701