An analysis of purposeful heading in football (soccer).


This project will analyse purposeful heading in football (soccer) and explore injury reduction strategies.


Dr Kerry Peek, Professor James Elliott, Dr Marnee McKay

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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Football (soccer) is arguably the most popular sport worldwide attracting participation from children as well as adults. A fundamental skill in football is to use the head to re-direct the ball. However, evidence regarding the long-term effects of repeated purposeful heading on neurocognitive function is conflicted. This project aims to analyse purposeful heading in football. To achieve this aim the project will be broken into four phases:

  1. To conduct a review on the long-term effects of repeated heading in football. 
  2. Heading surveillance: basic demographics of who heads the ball, how and when (ie age, gender, playing position, training/ games) 
  3. Biomechanical analysis of heading techniques
  4. Development of injury reduction strategies.

Additional Information

Students who are interested in football or have previously played, as well as those with an interest/background in biomechanics and injury prevention would be ideal candidates for this project.

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football; soccer; heading; concussion; head impact; injury reduction

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