Multi-omic responses to dietary change: insights from poultry


Diet is a crucial mechanism by which organisms interact with their environment. The body responds to the food it receives to control nutrient uptake and moderate physiological pathways such as immunity, growth and maintenance. This project uses genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetic techniques to investigate the fundamental biological mechanisms by which diet impacts immunity in poultry. By comparing parents to offspring, the work will also discovery how dietary signals may be passed to offspring.


Dr Catherine Grueber, Dr Sonia Liu, Dr Camilla Whittington

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School of Life and Environmental Sciences

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This project uses a range of innovative genomic technologies to uncover the physiological processes that respond when an individual’s diet changes. By examining these processes in poultry, we will learn how diet affects production outcomes and health of a key agricultural species: chicken-meat is the dominant animal protein source in human diets in Australia. The results of this study have potential to improve poultry disease resistance and maximise food safety by tailoring the diet that is fed to these animals. The project will suit a motivated student looking to further their skills in molecular genetics, bioinformatics, statistics, evolutionary genetics and academic writing. Students will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge in poultry husbandry and learn more about the industry.

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This research project will be based primarily at the Camperdown campus, with occasional work at Camden; a current Australian driver’s license is required.

A degree in genetics/genomics or bioinformatics is required.

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agriculture, Bioinformatics, Chickens, diet, epigenetics, Genetics, genomics, immunity, nutrition, poultry, transcriptomics

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