Archaeology provides a vivid understanding of how the past informs our present.  The department specialises in classical archaeology of the Mediterranean (Greece and Italy), the Middle East (Jordan, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Iran), Western and Central Asia, Cambodia and Australia, with annual fieldwork taking place in most of these areas.  Another focus is public archaeology and cultural heritage.


Dr Anne (Annie) Clarke, Associate Professor Alison Betts, Professor Roland John Fletcher, Professor Margaret Miller, Dr Ted Robinson, Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont, Dr Patrick Faulkner, Dr James Flexner

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Department of Archaeology, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

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Postgraduate students often have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork projects.  Students have access to unique facilities such as the Spatial Innovation Unit, Archaeology Computing laboratory and Archaeology Teaching Laboratory, which features the latest fieldwork equipment.

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classical archaeology, classical antiquity, iconography, historical archaeology, archaeology of Italy, archaeology of Greece, Iranian archaeology, Mesopotamia, Arabian archaeology, Indo-Iranian borderlands, West Asian archaeology, Central Asian archaeology, East Asian archaeology, South East Asian archaeology, Pacific archaeology, Australian archaeology, Aboriginal pre-history, archaeological theory, urbanism, settlement archaeology, ancient states and empires, ancient economy, public archaeology, heritage studies, Archaeozoology

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