The department of History, the oldest and largest History department in Australia, has internationally recognised scholars researching and publishing in the areas of Asian history, Australian history, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern European history and United States history.


Dr Thomas Jessen Adams , Associate Professor James Curran, Dr Nicholas Eckstein, Dr Andrew Fitzmaurice, Professor Chris Hilliard, Associate Professor Julia Horne, Dr Cindy McCreery, Associate Professor Michael McDonnell, Professor Kirsten McKenzie, Professor Glenda Sluga, Professor Stephen Garton, Dr David Brophy, Dr John Gagne, Dr Chin Jou, Dr Hélène Sirantoine , Dr Leah Lui-Chivizhe, Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson, Dr Andres Rodriguez

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Department of History, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

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Research students have access to the Faculty’s Postgraduate Research Centres, and to the outstanding research collection at the Fisher Library.  The department holds regular colloquia, at which staff and visiting academics present up-to-the-minute research findings and scholarly papers.
Key research areas for supervision include:

  • Asian history
  • Australian history
  • Medieval history
  • Early Modern and Modern European History
  • American/ United States  history
  • Australian Studies
  • Classics and Ancient history
  • History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
  • International history (including a strand of colonial or imperial history) 
Please see supervisor's individual entries for more supervision strengths and opportunities

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Australian history, medieval, early modern, modern European history, United States history, Asian history

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