Young people who are homeless and or at risk of homelessness


Researching youth homelessness in collaboration with service providers


Professor Kate Steinbeck

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Westmead - Childrens Hospital at Westmead Clinical School

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Youth homelessness is an important but hidden problem. The majority of homeless young people do not live on the streets, but rather in transient, unstable or temporary housing. The imperative for those who look after this group of young people is to halt the homelessness trajectory so that young people do not progress to chronic homelessness. These young people have high rates of mental health problems, substance abuse and sexually transmitted infections. Our research has also shown a significant prevalence of physical health conditions which certainly contributes to lack of wellbeing, but which is often lower on the list of treatment priorities. Two of the under-researched areas are what are the factors that contribute to young people moving out of homelessness and how are mental and physical health related to homeless trajectories? Our Academic Department has established collaborations with a number of service providers and has a number of potential research projects that involve this difficult to reach group of young people. These include prospective research in young people who attend youth health services, services which specifically target homeless and at risk of homeless youth.

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This project would be of interest to a researcher who has already gained some experience in research methodology and approaches and who is looking for challenging health research which is not in academic institutions or in acute care facilities.

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adolescent, youth, homeless, at risk of homelessness, marginalized, health, Well-being

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