Musicology staff conduct research in a wide range of areas including medieval chant and notation, rhetoric and 18th-century performance practice, Beethoven sketch studies and very recent musical compositional activity including the late works of Stockhausen and the work of other contemporary composers. Our research demonstrates a range of interests and approaches including compositional process, musical analysis, sketch studies, manuscript studies, notation studies, and performance practice.


Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson, Dr Alan Maddox, Associate Professor Neal Peres Da Costa, Associate Professor Neil McEwan, Dr David Larkin, Dr Christopher Coady, Associate Professor Peter McCallum

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Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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The Musicology Unit offers postgraduate supervision to research students specialising in musicology and performance. Current and recent students work on a wide range of topics from early music and performance practice topics to 19th- and 20th-century historical and analytical topics of art music, as well as Australian music history, and contemporary popular music studies.

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Recent outstanding research theses in Musicology:

  • Karen Lemon, “The compulsion of an inexorable but unconscious logic in the harmonic construction : an analysis of pitch organization in Schoenberg's Drei Klavierstücke Op. 11 (1909) informed by his contemporaneous writings”, PhD (2006).
  • Stephen Loy, “Beethoven and Radicalism: Socio-political engagement and awareness of tradition in new music, 1968-1977”, PhD (2006).
  • Alan Maddox, “On the knowledge necessary for one who wishes to recite well in the theatre”: the Rhetorical Tradition of Delivery and the Performance Practice of Recitativo Semplice in Eighteenth-Century Dramma per Musica”, PhD (2006).
  • Clare Thornley, “The Royal Philharmonic Society of Sydney”, M.Mus.(Musicology) (2004).

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Musicology, music history, music analysis, music notation, Medieval music, rhetoric and music, performance practice, sketch studies, Beethoven sketch studies, Stockhausen, western art music, Australian music history

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