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Community based study of health effects of infrasound

A team of investigators at the Woolcock Institute have been funded by the NHMRC to evaluate any health effects associated with wind turbine simulated infrasound. Infrasound is belo more...

Supervisor(s): Toelle, Brett (Dr)

Novel metrics to quantify patterns of medication use in asthma

This project explores patterns of medication usage and adherence and their relationship with clinical outcomes in asthma, using novel metrics to describe patterns over time. more...

Supervisor(s): Thamrin, Cindy (Dr), Reddel, Helen (Professor)

E-Coach-supported Digital SlEEp Therapy for Older ADults with Cognitive Impairment – the ExCEED Study

We are seeking a Master/PhD student to conduct a three-part study: (a) user experience qualitative study of older people's perceptions of Sleepfix; (b) randomised control trial of t more...

Supervisor(s): Gordon, Christopher (Dr), Hoyos, Camilla (Dr)