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Patient preferences and willingness to pay for genomic information in cancer and cardiovascular disease

It is not clear how people value genetic or genomic health information, and traditional economic evaluation may not capture the full benefit of this service. This PhD will examine p more...

Supervisor(s): Morton, Rachael (Associate Professor)

Optimal model of follow-up care after treatment of localised melanoma

Most melanomas are detected by patients or family members between scheduled visits; even more might be detected if patients are trained in how to self-examine their skin and have a more...

Supervisor(s): Dieng, Mbathio (Dr)

Exploring the landscape of clinical trials

Clinical trials are essential to determine best medical practice and advance clinical care. Registries of clinical trials, such as the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registr more...

Supervisor(s): Webster, Angela (Dr), Seidler, Anna Lene (Dr)