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Recalibration mechanisms in vision: Adapting to a changing environment

To survive successfully humans must accurately with the environment. However, the environmental conditions can change, sometimes drastically in a very short time. An organism is ver more...

Supervisor(s): Verstraten, Frans (Professor)

Adaptation to tactile motion

Our senses convey information about the energy in the environment (such as light or pressure) but not with absolute accuracy. By studying ‘inaccuracies' in perception, such as more...

Supervisor(s): Seizova-Cajic, Tatjana (Dr)

Visual influences on tactile motion aftereffect

Human perception of the world is based on input from multiple senses. This project investigates how touch and vision combine to yield perception of object motion. more...

Supervisor(s): Seizova-Cajic, Tatjana (Dr)