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Agent-based modelling, simulation and forecasting of epidemics

The research will involve theoretical work in information theory and network science, as well as computer agent-based simulations. It will aim to reveal fundamental theoretical conn more...

Supervisor(s): Prokopenko , Mikhail (Professor)

Data-driven modelling of social systems

The tools of physics will be applied to social dynamics data, to develop a predictive model, and ultimately inform policy decisions in the chosen area. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr)

Evolution of human post-menopausal longevity: Grandmother Hypothesis

An outstanding question in human evolution is why humans developed such long lifespans, greatly exceeding the end of female fertility.  As far as we know, only pilot whales and more...

Supervisor(s): Kim, Peter (Associate Professor)

Computational approaches to elucidate Multiple Sclerosis and Contact Dermatitis pathogenesis, and its treatment through ultraviolet light exposure

Allergies and autoimmunity are complex immune system aberrations. Both involve multiple immune cell populations coordinating across several organs of the body. The growing prevalenc more...

Supervisor(s): Read, Mark (Dr)

Atmospheric water capture through passive cooling

The development of a theoretical model of atmospheric water capture, opening up the possibility of a new reliable source of water. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr), Neto, Chiara (Professor)

Solitons in the presence of higher order dispersion

Uncovering new classes of solitary wave supported by engineered dispersion properties. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr)

Language dynamics on social media

Development of a language evolution model using social media data. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr), Altmann, Eduardo G (Associate Professor)

Fighting the spread of misinformation

The development of a quantitative measure of the spread of misinformation, for the purposes of developing a strategy to counter science denial. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr), Fulcher, Ben (Dr), Sharma, Manjula (Professor)

Simulating Transport for Realistic Engineering Education and Training

Understanding and predicting travel demand and travel patterns is one of the most important
but also most challenging tasks of transport
engineers, planners, and geographers. Tr more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor), Ramezani Ghalenoei, Mohsen (Dr)