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Dynamics of litterfall and fine fuels after fire in sclerophyll forests and woodlands.

Litterfall is a dynamic process and subject to major seasonal variation.  In eucalypt forests and woodlands, droughts may induce significant (e.g. +50%) increases in annual lit more...

Supervisor(s): Adams, Mark (Professor)

Water use characteristics (tree hydraulics) of resprouting eucalypts in Low and High Elevation Mixed Species Forests, north-east Victoria, southern NSW and the ACT

This project will quantify whole-tree water use in sub-catchments that were burnt in 2003, 2007 and 2009.  Resprouting eucalypts dominate many of the foothill forests and woodl more...

Supervisor(s): Adams, Mark (Professor)

Charcoal production during prescribed fire and its role in carbon turnover

Prescribed fires convert variable amounts of biomass into a variety of forms of ‘black carbon’.  Both the rate (and efficiency) of conversion and the forms of black more...

Supervisor(s): Adams, Mark (Professor)