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Investigating how we can utilize the endogenous opioid system to manage pain

The burden of chronic pain is a major cause of human suffering that is now estimated to cost Australia more than $73B per annum and even the most effective th¬¬erapeutics do more...

Supervisor(s): Bagley, Elena (Associate Professor)

Pain Medicines Road Map

There is currently no evidence source (in Australia or globally) that has appraised and summarised the evidence on the efficacy and safety of common pain drugs to treat pain in one more...

Supervisor(s): Abdel Shaheed , Christina (Dr), Maher, Chris (Professor), McLachlan, Andrew (Professor)

Chronic pain & endogenous cannabinoids.

Endogenous cannabinoids represent a potential therapeutic target for intractable pain states, this project will focus on how these agents produce their actions at the cellular level more...

Supervisor(s): Vaughan, Christopher (Dr)