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Coding interaural time differences for sound localisation - the steps beyond the initial binaural comparison

The project addresses the profound problem of how a representation of auditory space is derived in the brain. Specifically, we are asking how timing differences between the two ears more...

Supervisor(s): Koeppl, Christine (Dr)

New technique for studying human brain activity

This project investigates stimulus reconstruction from surface EEG neural activity. Improvements to surface EEG recordings may proceed with the development of skull impedance modell more...

Supervisor(s): Jin, Craig (Associate Professor), Leong, Philip (Professor), McEwan, Alistair (Professor)

Cochleovestibular Physiology and Meniere’s Disease

This project investigates the effects of abnormal volumes of fluid in the inner ear, called endolymphatic hydrops, on cochlea and vestibular function. more...

Supervisor(s): Brown, Daniel (Dr)