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Investigation of the lifestyle factors associated with low back pain, factors that determine a positive alliance between patients and therapists and motion analysis and muscle recruitment in low back pain.

This research aims to investigate the best management for low back pain as well as establish the lifestyle factors associated with the prevalence of the condition and the motor cont more...

Supervisor(s): Ferreira, Paulo (Associate Professor), Refshauge, Kathryn (Professor)

Cricket and golf biomechanics

This project is a cluster of available studies on sports biomechanics with partucular emphasis on cricket and golf: Segment velocity contribution in cricket bowling  P more...

Supervisor(s): Ferdinands, Edouard Rene (Dr)

How can we improve the care of people with chronic pain presenting frequently to Emergency Departments (EDs)?

The opportunity exists to join a motivated team of clinical researchers aiming to improve the quality of care provided to people facing the challenge of chronic pain. The Pain Pathw more...

Supervisor(s): Wrigley, Paul (Associate Professor)