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Sorting proinsulin into secretory vesicles

Reduction in glucose-stimulated mature insulin secretion and increased constitutive and regulated secretion of proinsulin are characteristics of β-cell failure. This may be due more...

Supervisor(s): Kebede, Melkam (Dr)

Characterising insulin secretory granules as a function of age

In β-cells, insulin is stored in secretory granules (SGs). Upon stimulation, these SGs deliver insulin to the bloodstream. It is known that SGs exist in two functionally distin more...

Supervisor(s): Kebede, Melkam (Dr)

Characterising changes in a proteome of islets and islet cell types during progression to type 2 diabetes

Characterizing changes in a proteome through pathogenesis of diseases can provide unparalleled insights into the mechanisms underpinning disease. In this project, using flow cytomet more...

Supervisor(s): Kebede, Melkam (Dr)