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A New Therapeutic Strategy to Overcome Multidrug Resistance by Exploiting Drug-Transporters to Target Untreatable Cancers

We recently have discovered a frontier strategy for overcoming drug resistance mediated by P-glycoprotein (Pgp) in the lysosome. Identifying new targets for resistant cancers are cr more...

Supervisor(s): Jansson, Patric (Dr)

Medicinal Chemistry and Biology - Development of Novel Anti-Tumour Agents for Cancer Treatment

This project is involved in the exciting development of novel drugs for the treatment of cancer and other conditions. more...

Supervisor(s): Richardson, Des (Professor)

Pharmacological targeting of the metastasis suppressor NDRG1 using novel therapeutics

Metastasis is the major killer in cancer, being extremely difficult to treat. This project will elucidate the molecular mechanisms that initiate and sustain metastatic progression, more...

Supervisor(s): Kovacevic, Zaklina (Dr), Richardson, Des (Professor)