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Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry — Design, Synthesis and Testing of Novel Anti-Cancer Agents

Are you interested in applying your laboratory expertise to the development of new drugs for cancer and other diseases?  Become part of a multi-disciplinary team involved in dr more...

Supervisor(s): Groundwater, Paul (Professor), Hibbs, David (Dai) (Professor)

An innovative synthesis technique to fabricate nano-sized calcium phosphate particles

The project aims to develop a novel method to fabricate homogenous and non-aggregated nano-sized hydroxyapatite (HA) particles capable of delivering therapeutic nucleic acids into t more...

Supervisor(s): Rohanizadeh, Ramin (Dr)

Interactions between porcine ligands and the human lymphocyte activating receptor NKG2D

Role of NKG2D in the human cellular immune response against porcine xenotransplants. more...

Supervisor(s): Sharland, Alexandra (Dr)