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Developing a cost-effective treatment program for obesity using dexamphetamine

Obesity is a major problem for our local population in Penrith. Access to treatment is limited due to lack of resources within the public sector. We are working on developing a 6 mo more...

Supervisor(s): Poulton, Alison (Dr)

A study to investigate the efficacy of dexamphetamine compared to placebo for treating obesity complicated by obstructive sleep apnoea

The project represents a new approach to the pharmacological treatment of obesity. It uses dexamphetamine but unlike most drug trials using appetite suppressants, the focus is on th more...

Supervisor(s): Poulton, Alison (Dr)

Cohort study of teenagers with ADHD

There is a lack of detailed information regarding the long term outcomes of Australian teenagers with a diagnosis of ADHD as they progress into adult life. We plan to recruit and mo more...

Supervisor(s): Poulton, Alison (Dr)