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Polymers for Medical Device Engineering: Physics and Chemistry

Exciting APA (Industry) scholarship on an ARC Linkage project involving hermetic bonding of polymers. Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent r more...

Supervisor(s): McKenzie, David (Professor)

Behaviour and design of scaffolding and formwork systems

The main objectives of this research project are to provide an understanding of the 3D failure modes of both scaffolding and formwork systems by testing connections and sub-assembla more...

Supervisor(s): Rasmussen, Kim (Professor)

Damage, fracture and fragmentation of concrete at high strain rates

The project aims to characterize and model concrete at high strain rates, and to study the damage, fracture and fragmentation of concrete subjected to high rate loads through an int more...

Supervisor(s): Shen, Luming (Associate Professor)