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Inferring the dimensionality of dynamical systems automatically using machine learning

This research will develop methods to infer the dimensionality of a dynamical system automatically, by adapting dimensionality reduction methods to high-dimensional time-series feat more...

Supervisor(s): Fulcher, Ben (Dr)

Highly comparative time-series analysis

This research involves developing new methods for time-series analysis based on a new analytic framework for understanding structure in time series. more...

Supervisor(s): Fulcher, Ben (Dr)

Composition and Music Technology

The Composition and Music Technology Unit teaches all facets of musical composition, encouraging advanced students to specialise and create more ambitious work. Our students learn c more...

Supervisor(s): Hindson, Matthew (Professor), Boyd, Anne (Professor), Zavada, Ivan (Dr), Smetanin , Michael (Dr), Vine, Carl (Mr)