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Evolutionary relationships of aerobic and anaerobic metabolic reactions

The generation of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere by oxygenic photosynthesis was the most important environmental event to affect both biology and geology. Accumulation of mo more...

Supervisor(s): Chen, Min (Professor)

Controls on the Holocene evolution of the Great Barrier Reef: linking 4D numerical modeling and observational data

This project will investigate the biological and geological processes that control the evolution of coral reef systems (e.g. reef communities, stratigraphic ages and growth rates, r more...

Supervisor(s): Webster, Jody (Associate Professor), Chandra, Rohitash (Dr), Salles, Tristan (Dr)

Past climate and environmental impacts on Great Barrier Reef paleoecology over the past 9,000 years.

This project will investigate the links between environmental stress/disturbance, climate, and coral reef composition, diversity and structure by investigating episodes of reef grow more...

Supervisor(s): Webster, Jody (Associate Professor)