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Post-translational modifications in bacterial proteins

This project will identify novel proteins that are post-translationally modified in bacterial pathogens and the role of such modification in virulence. more...

Supervisor(s): Cordwell, Stuart (Professor)

Dietary effects to the local immune response and the initiation and propagation of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in mice

Background: Longitudinal studies have demonstrated a two-¬way relationship between diabetes and the local inflammatory host response, e.g. periodontitis, with more severe period more...

Supervisor(s): Eberhard, Joerg (Professor)

Exploring the Sulfoproteome using Synthetic Sulfoproteins

More than 70% of all mammalian proteins are predicted to be functionalised with posttranslational modifications (PTMs). These modifications serve to expand the functional repertoire more...

Supervisor(s): Payne, Richard (Professor)