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Microscale Technology and 3D Printing for Therapeutic Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Dr. Kang is working in the area of drug delivery / testing and tissue engineering by using micro- and nano- scale technologies.For drug delivery, several drug-device combination pro more...

Supervisor(s): Kang, Lifeng (Dr)

Implant electrode optimisation and neurolinguistics

The benefit provided by additional electrodes in medical implants is currently unknown. A typical cochlear implant only contains 12-22 electrodes to stimulate about 30,000 more...

Supervisor(s): McEwan, Alistair (Professor)

Success and the city: how bats adapt to the pressures of urban environments

The rapid expansion of cities worldwide is introducing unprecedented environmental conditions, forcing species to adjust or go locally extinct. Insectivorous bats are one group of m more...

Supervisor(s): Threlfall, Caragh (Dr), Hochuli, Dieter (Professor)