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French and Francophone Studies

French and Francophone Studies offers a range of research programs that encompass the study of French and francophone modern and contemporary literature, cinema, art, theory, lingui more...

Supervisor(s): Royer, Michelle (Associate Professor), Lipovsky, Caroline (Dr), Rechniewski, Elizabeth (Dr), Grauby, Françoise (Associate Professor), Vuong, Léa (Dr), Sitbon, Clara (Dr), Wilson, Sonia (Dr), Stott, Carolyn (Dr)

Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies

The department is concerned with a number of major areas: the Classical Hebrew language of the Old Testament of the Bible, bible studies, modern Hebrew, Yiddish language and literat more...

Supervisor(s): Rutland, Suzanne (Professor), Young, Ian (Dr), Dowling, Jennifer (Dr), Kwiet, Konrad (Professor)