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Novel inhalation formulation to improve quality of life of cystic fibrosis sufferers

Respiratory infection is the number one cause of death world-wide with limited therapies other than tablet or intravenous injection. This multi-faceted PhD project will focus on dev more...

Supervisor(s): Traini, Daniela (Professor)

Production of nano-composite particles for inhalational delivery of combination drugs

This project aims to develop novel technologies to prepare nano-composite particles comprising two or more active ingredients for inhalation drug delivery. more...

Supervisor(s): Chan, Kim (Professor)

Microscale Technology and 3D Printing for Therapeutic Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Dr. Kang is working in the area of drug delivery / testing and tissue engineering by using micro- and nano- scale technologies.For drug delivery, several drug-device combination pro more...

Supervisor(s): Kang, Lifeng (Dr)