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Uncovering the source of CO2 that’s respired when dry soil is rewet

Soil respiration is one of the largest components of the global C cycle, but also one of the hardest to model. A key aspect of this difficulty is that we do not have a good mechanis more...

Supervisor(s): Warren, Charles (Associate Professor)

Biological flocculation of suspended particle matter in nutrient-rich acqueous ecosystems

This project is aimed to investigate the flocculation dynamics of biomineral suspended particle matter (SPM) in turbulently-stirred waters. The objective is to assess the effect of more...

Supervisor(s): Maggi, Federico (Dr)

Charcoal production during prescribed fire and its role in carbon turnover

Prescribed fires convert variable amounts of biomass into a variety of forms of ‘black carbon’.  Both the rate (and efficiency) of conversion and the forms of black more...

Supervisor(s): Adams, Mark (Professor)