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Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education

Excellence in community languages educationWe support linguistic diversity and educational opportunity through research, teaching and professional learning programs across NSW. Sydn more...

Supervisor(s): Cruickshank, Ken (Professor), Ross, Andrew (Dr)

Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre

The Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMiC) is a multidisciplinary network that collaborates with scholars, researchers and practitioners on migration issues across the Asia P more...

Supervisor(s): Piper, Nicola (Professor), Bogais, Jean Jonathan (Associate Professor), Boucher, Anna (Dr), Ford, Michele (Professor), Hill, Elizabeth (Dr), Mahboob, Ahmar (Dr), Peters, Robbie (Dr), Ramia, Gaby (Associate Professor), Rosewarne, Stuart (Dr), van Wichelen, Sonja (Dr), Winter, Bronwyn (Professor)


Linguistics studies the full range of aspects of human language. It investigates the phonetics, grammar and semantics or individual languages, but through this seeks to uncover the more...

Supervisor(s): Hyslop, Gwendolyn (Dr), Foley, William (Professor), Mahboob, Ahmar (Dr), Martin, James (Professor), Fedden, Sebastian (Dr), Enfield, Nick (Professor), Bednarek, Monika (Dr)